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Loan Against Rental Income in Bangalore, India

Expanding your real estate portfolio often requires securing funds for new properties. Utilizing rental income as collateral presents an attractive solution for savvy investors looking to capitalize on the growing rental market. With competitive rates and up to 70% equity utilization, it’s an excellent way to leverage existing rental properties.

However, eligibility hinges on factors like past rental history, approved property construction, strong financials, sound tenant finances, and a well-documented rental agreement. Assessing the pros and cons of rental property investment is crucial for making informed decisions.

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Eligibility Criteria for Loan Against Rental Income​ in Bangalore, India

Our Financing against Rental Income eligibility criteria at Grab Capital are thoughtfully crafted to simplify the application process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

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At Grab Capital, we prioritize your convenience. Our Financing against Rental Income application process is streamlined, requiring minimal documentation.

Note: Please be aware that the list of eligibility and documents mentioned above for the fund is not exhaustive. Additional documentation may be necessary as part of the application and processing requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Financing against Rental Income ?

Financing against Rental Income is a financial product that allows property owners who earn rental income from their real estate holdings to use this income as collateral to secure financing. This type of financing enables property owners to leverage their rental earnings to access funds for various purposes without needing to provide additional assets as collateral.

What types of properties are eligible for LARI?

Properties such as shops and offices are eligible collateral for this financing.

How does LARI work?

Financing against Rental Income (LARI) allows property owners to leverage their rental income as collateral for financing. This income is used to determine the financing amount, which is repaid over a specified tenure from the rental earnings.

What is the financing tenure for LARI?

The financing tenure for Financing against Rental Income (LARI) typically varies among lenders and can range from a few years to a more extended period, often depending on factors such as the financing amount, rental income, and the lender’s policies.

How is the financing amount determined in LARI?

The financing amount for Financing against Rental Income (LARI) is determined based on the property’s rental income, lease agreements, tenant creditworthiness, and lender policies. It’s typically a percentage of the rental income, allowing property owners to comfortably repay the financing.


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